Join the Head Industries Cannabis Lifestyle Club. We are focused on the common and overall interest in cannabis, the sharing of knowledge, and promoting cannabis culture. Membership is entirely free and allows you access to exclusive samples and premium souvenirs. Receive updates, deals, and details about new products added to our online store and our private club token menus. Our members are our partners. We do not associate with outside sources or traders and we do not allow direct supply or sale between members in the club.

Head Industries takes the privacy of our customers and members seriously. We do not share your personal details or data with other members or any third parties. Head Industries Cannabis Lifestyle Club members do not have access to our database or member details. We operate on the principle of anonymity and adhere to a strict no trade policy. Head Industries does not grow, distribute, manufacture, stock, or sell THC/THCa products. In addition, we do not offer bulk or cash sale services to any of our customers or members. 

Samples and souvenirs are available for and from our private members via the members lounge by exchanging tokens. Head Industries exchanges tokens with and on behalf of our private club members. Head Industries Cannabis Lifestyle Club tokens are pinned to the South African Rand, making it one to one. Members need to be approved for access to the private members lounge where you simply add selected items directly to your cart and check out as usual. From the members lounge you are able to add both general store items and members samples to your cart simultaneously. Token exchanges are processed on behalf of our members, from Monday to Wednesday, and dispatched every Thursday by courier. Some items are not shipped internationally.

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Association & Privacy According to South African Law & Legislation
We Are Aligned with Privacy Regulations and Are Strictly An Online Social Club
Our Core Purpose and Focus Is On The Right to Associate with Like Minds
The Head Industries Cannabis Lifestyle Club is a Private Members Club
We Will Continue To Push for The Freedom To Access Our Own Minds
We Do Not Grow, Distribute, Stock, or Sell THC and THCa Products
Our Members Have Access to Discounts, Samples, and Souvenirs
We Function as a Cannabis Education & Participation Forum
We Curate The World's Finest Cannabis Lifestyle Products 
We Support The Concept of Preserving Cannabis Culture
We Believe in The Individual's Human Right To Privacy
We Promote Safe & Responsible Adult Use
No Individuals Under 18 Permitted
Our Members are Our Partners
Membership is Free 

To become a Head Industries Cannabis Lifestyle Club Member you will need to subscribe for a customer account via our website and complete the membership form below in full. We manually approve each membership application. Please, allow 24 hours to process your membership, keeping in mind we do not operate over weekends. Once your membership is approved, you have subscribed, and you're logged into your account, you will then have full access to our private members lounge, menus, samples, and products. The members lounge is strictly reserved for approved Head Industries Cannabis Lifestyle club members only.