Cannabis Accounting

Cannabis Accounting

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Cannabis Accounting & Taxes for CEO's: Accounting, Tax, Strategy and Financial Risk Management Strategies for Cannabis CEO's

  • Author: Steven Berley & The Apothecary Cfo
  • Paperback
  • English

This is a priceless finance book for the Cannabis CEO. CPA's, EA and bookkeepers will benefit from the advanced section in the second half of the book. This book was written by The Apothecary CFO, Steven Berley, a CPA who is from Colorado and who now lives in Oregon. Steven has multi-billion corporate accounting experience with Ford and Shell. This book is both a basic and advanced accounting and tax guide for cannabis CEOs. This book also will support the cannabis industry, finance professionals. The benefits provided range from the detailed tax analysis that delves into not only GAAP and IRS tax code, but into US Tax Court cases and their significance in shaping cannabis accounting and taxes.