Cannabis & Cancer

Cannabis & Cancer

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The Thinking Patient's Guide

  • Author: Jonathan Treasure
  • Paperback
  • English

The biggest challenge for cancer patients and caregivers wanting to learn more about using cannabis as a treatment for cancer is the complete absence of reliable, informed, and unbiased information on the subject. Cannabis and Cancer provide accessible expert advice from a practical and patient-centred perspective.

Cannabis is currently at the eye of a storm that is cutting a swathe across the political, economic, legal, cultural, and medical establishment. Chaos, confusion, and contradictions beset state authorities grappling with the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis, while the US federal government still classifies the herb as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

An entrepreneurial frenzy is attracting all comers, from dealers and growers to dispensaries and laboratories, venture capital and Big Pharma onto the "cannabizness" bandwagon. Basic science and clinical research into cannabis's medicinal benefits are taking a back seat to the hype, hyperbole, and marketing cliches, while the internet is dominated by myths, misinformation, and aggressive promotions of expensive cannabis products and services of questionable quality and benefit. 

Many cancer patients already know that combining cannabis with their mainstream treatments can help with anxiety, pain management, appetite loss, and reduction of chemo-induced nausea and vomiting and nephropathy. Now, emerging research on the direct cancer-inhibiting effects of cannabis has created a wave of popular interest in the potential for cannabis as an anticancer agent. When these patients start looking for guidance, they find themselves in a minefield of conflicting and questionable myths and misinformation with nowhere to turn for guidance--until now. Cannabis and Cancer is a practical, patient-centered guidebook.