Cannabis for Clinicians

Cannabis for Clinicians

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Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians: Principles and Practice

  • Author: DO Dustin Sulak
  • Hardback
  • English

Despite nearly 5,000 years of recorded use as a medicine and its impressive versatility, efficacy, and safety, cannabis Sativa has existed outside the modern pharmacopoeia since the 1940s. Primarily driven by popular demand, this botanical medicine has returned to health care, but most clinicians lack the knowledge essential for guiding patients, identifying candidates for treatment, maximizing benefit, and minimizing harm.

Dustin Sulak provides health care professionals including physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, and nurses-with an accessible and evidence-based reference that will empower them to intelligently discuss cannabis with their patients, and implement cannabinoid therapies with confidence. The book combines fundamental paradigms of integrative medicine, botanical medicine, systems biology, and network pharmacology to help providers navigate the unique challenges in cannabinoid medicine, such as the quickly changing regulatory framework and heterogeneous availability of dependable cannabis-based treatments.