Cannabis Cookbook

Cannabis Cookbook

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The Complete Cannabis Cookbook 

100+ Marijuana Edible Recipes That Will Get You High

  • Author: Grant Horton
  • Paperback 
  • English

Marijuana must be God's way of wrapping a cosmic experience in a little plant. Nothing else explains why it's so good. Millions of people enjoy the psychedelic effects of weed every day. It takes them on incredible highs when they inhale its magical fumes. The only thing better than smoking marijuana is actually eating it. When weed is baked into sweet treats such as brownies, cakes, or lollipops, it takes on a whole new level of potency that rocks your world. Most people can't handle smoking the herb, so this is the best alternative for them. It allows them to get a more intense high with tons of flavour that smoking doesn't offer.

In The Complete Cannabis Cookbook: 100+ Marijuana edible recipes that will get you high, you're guided on how to turn medical marijuana into edible highs that will blow your mind. Breakfast, lunch, dinner learn how to incorporate marijuana into a wide variety of dishes for any meal. If you've never gotten the chance to cook marijuana into anything edible now's the time to do it!