Cook, Eat, Chill

Cook, Eat, Chill

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Weed-Infused Savory, Desserts, Treats And Sweets Recipes

  • Author: Sierra a May
  • Paperback
  • English

We Challenge You To Make Your First Weed-Infused Meal.

Cannabis is becoming more widely used, and its health benefits are now accepted by the medical community. Cannabis smoking is no longer the only way to enjoy this herb's anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing elements. Cannabis cooking is hugely popular and it's not just for culinary wizards.

Simple and easy-to-follow recipes which will take you from wondering about cannabis edibles to creating your own delicious cannabis-infused meals in no time. Our recipes are split into four categories: CannaButter, CannaOil and Snack RecipesLight and Main Meal RecipesDessert RecipesBonus Recipes. 

Cook, Eat, Chill doesn't just provide you with recipes though, it also gives you the tools that you need to become a confident cannabis cook. By learning to infuse almost anything with cannabis, you will soon be a master of cannabis culinary delights. Our bonus chapter provides you with recipes for cannabis-infused everyday items such as milk, flour, and yoghurt. Each of our recipes is accompanied by a calculated THC dosage for each serving so that you can safely and confidently enjoy your cannabis creations. If you have been considering trying out cannabis edibles then Cook, Eat, Chill is the resource you need to get started and succeed.