The Business of Cannabis

The Business of Cannabis

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Organic Cannabis Pioneers

  • Author: D. J. Summers
  • Hardback
  • English

What happens when corporate culture takes over counterculture? This book explores the contradictions present within the cannabis industry from a business and policy perspective.

Despite the unique culture surrounding cannabis, this new industry follows the same economic principles as does any other agricultural product-that is, it would if the federal government allowed it to. Four distinct challenges prevent the cannabis industry from becoming fully legal and federally regulated in the United States, equivalent to the alcohol, pharmaceutical, or tobacco industries: federal regulations counter to state laws, an unfriendly financial system, a U.S. attorney general bent on keeping the drug war running, and Prohibition's 70-year-old legacy of distrust between legalization advocates and opponents.

Policy, however, is changing. Already the world's most heavily consumed illicit drug is in the midst of an international transformation. Globally, a new international trade market has emerged from efforts to legalize it for medical or recreational use, and in the United States, the nascent cannabis industry has acquired lobbyists, well-financed industry kingpins, an extensive ancillary industry, and taxation. The Business of Cannabis explores these issues in-depth and contextualizes U.S. drug policy at a time when lawmakers across the nation are deciding which way to lean on the issue.

* Treats the new and growing cannabis industry in the context of more established ones, such as the alcohol, pharmaceutical, and tobacco industries

* Collects experiences and experiments from all of the regions, states, and municipalities in which marijuana has been legalized

* Explains how federal regulations or lack thereof (e.g., lack of access to banking) affect the industry

* Explores the interactions of federal, state, and local laws

* Sheds light on the evolution of public policy on legalized marijuana