Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Understanding, Medicating and Cooking with Cannabis

  • Author: Laurie Wolf & Mary Wolf ,
  • Forward: Paul Armentano
  • Paperback
  • English

"It's a category that used to begin and end with the bone-dry pot brownie, served in a college dorm room. Laurie Wolf is a leader in its gourmet revolution."
-"The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles," The New Yorker magazine

Medical marijuana has been a valuable resource in the treatment of various conditions. The stigma and misinformation surrounding the medical or recreational use of cannabis is a deterrent in trying it for themselves. The part reference guide, part cannabis cookbook, The Medical Marijuana Dispensary will arm you with everything you need to decide for yourself if medical marijuana is right for you. Knowledgeable guidance from medical marijuana experts Laurie Wolf and Mary Wolf, owners of the award-winning cannabis company Laurie & MaryJaneEvidence-based research and information supported by medical professionals, the medical marijuana community, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)Individual chapters for cannabis recipes and remedies including both sweet and savoury edibles. Essential information for incorporating cannabis use into your life such as safety guidelines, different cannabis strain profiles, and real patient testimonials

"The Medical Marijuana Dispensary is like an encyclopedia of medical marijuana. There was so much more information than I realized was essential to know when entering this field of treatment. It was clearly presented and well organized. I feel much more prepared to start experimenting with some of the products described."-Mary S., Amazon Customer