Marijuana & The Bible

Marijuana & The Bible

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A Conversation with America's Leading Medical Cannabis Expert
  • Author: Sasha N Noe
  • Paperback
  • English

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about marijuana? Ever wonder if it's okay to use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes? Are you looking for a resource to share with someone that addresses the intersection of marijuana and Christianity? If you have asked yourself any of those questions, this book is for you! As the nations leading expert in medical cannabis and a Christian for many years, I was frequently asked these questions. Receive answers to your crucial questions. and join me with Dr.Bobby Harrington, founder and lead pastor of Harpeth Christian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and the co-founder and the executive director of Renew Network as we have a powerful and candid conversation about marijuana and the Bible. With added space for reflection and journaling.

Sasha Noe, DO, PhD Dr. Sasha Noe is a dual-doctorate, board-certified, award-winning physician, researcher, international speaker, best-selling author, and expert in chronic disease management, preventative health and the medical cannabis-the topic being discussed in this book. As the only known physician in the US with a PhD specifically in the field of molecular cannabinoid research for almost 2 decades, she is undoubtedly the nations leading expert in the field of medical cannabis and her award-winning published research has contributed towards the advancement of the therapeutic potential for cannabis over the last two decades, being referenced nationally and worldwide in numerous scholarly articles and books.

It is her life's goal to educate and consult with patients, physicians and the industry about medical cannabis while developing safe, effective, therapeutic applications of cannabis AND minimizing the use opioids and other more harmful pharmaceuticals to improve overall health and wellness. She has lived in the Tampa Bay area for decades and enjoys spending time with family and friends, serving in her church and professional organizations, reading good books and watching movies. Being from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, Dr Noe appreciates the small-town beauty and lifestyle that can be found in the Apollo Beach and surrounding communities and she looks forward to raising her family and serving her community for years to come. Visit her website at and follow he across all social media