Medical Edibles

Medical Edibles

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A Guide to Cooking with Medicinal Cannabis

  • Author: Tim Jacquard
  • Hardback
  • English

Many people struggle with chronic medical conditions can attest to the ineffectiveness of pharmaceuticals and the unpleasant side effects that such drugs cause. In his cookbook Medical Edibles, culinary artist Tim Jacquard explores how marijuana (cannabis)-a well-known natural remedy that has been used for centuries in the treatment of pain and mood disorders-can be incorporated into meals to provide the relief you're seeking.

From turkey stuffing to "baked" mac and cheese, Medical Edibles is a fun, niche-filling cookbook that provides instructions on how to make various cannabis-infused delights, all without the lung damage caused by smoking. His recipes are clear and easy to follow, making this a core resource for both experienced and up-and-coming cannabis cooks. Taking into mind those readers who are struggling with debilitating pain, Tim's recipes are always a quick clean up. With Medical Edibles, you will learn how to get creative with your medicine and enjoy the healing power of cannabis in new and diverse ways....