Waking Up to Weed

Waking Up to Weed

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How Cannabis Can Be Key to Feeling and Aging Better-A Guide to New Uses and Benefits of Marijuana for Your Body, Mind & Life
  • Author: Stephanie Byer
  • Paperback
  • English

Curious or confused about cannabis? Wondering if weed is a way to go? Discover the many reasons and ways marijuana can be used to feel, function and age better. 

Waking Up to Weed is a comprehensive, common-sense guide to new uses and benefits of marijuana. For anyone with questions and wondering where to even start, Waking Up to Weed breaks down the myths and misperceptions, covers how cannabis works naturally with our bodies to help a vast range of conditions, guides you through the many ways to consume and shows how it can be safely and guiltlessly incorporated into a healthy, vibrant life. You don't have to get high to get the benefits of cannabis. 

Conversational and easy to digest, Waking Up to Weed is packed with practical information and guidance. It shines a light on the many ways cannabis is a natural tool for health and well-being and shows you how it can help us feel and age better. Reading this book is like having your very own weed expert talk you through the basics of cannabis and how to consume consciously and safely.

Open your eyes to a new world of weed. It's not just for stoners anymore!